What to see in Sri Lanka

My friend Jharvis and I were invited to a wedding to be held in Sri Lanka. Unfortunately, a month before the wedding, we were told that it was not pushing through. At this point we has had two options: To either (1) take a loss for booking our flights and accommodations, or (2) to push

Holy Meals by Chef Jessie

Soon after the Pope’s departure from the Philippines, word spread fast about the people behind the scenes during his visit. When I learned that Chef Jessie Sincioco was the one who served his meals, I immediately asked my mom to schedule an interview with her. Tita Jessie is one of the most respected chefs and

NYE2015 in Malaysia

This year, I spent NYE in Malaysia with Jharvis, while my mom was with her friends in Hong Kong & Macau. Instead of the usual family gathering, somehow we all had different plans. While mom was sending me photos of roast goose and fancy dishes by Joel Robuchon, I was sending her photos of roti