Tanguingue Ceviche with Nyogi Coconut Water

TANGUINGUE CEVICHE with NYOGI COCONUT WATER Marinade: 250g   Fresh Tanguingue, cubed ½        orange, juiced 4          calamansi, juiced and de-seeded ¼        red onion, chopped 1          chili labuyo, chopped Salt & Pepper Cucumber-Nyogi Mixture: ½        cucumber, peeled, de-seeded, grate 1 tsp.   salt ½ cup Nyogi coconut water (Original, no sugar added version)

Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza’s Lemon Mushroom pasta sham recipe

When dining in a restaurant, I usually order items that would be too tedious or time consuming to recreate at home but I do have my moods of ordering simple things. This recreation of the mushroom lemon pasta from Gino’s Brick Oven Pizza is probably one of the simplest pasta dishes ever. I particularly like kick

Yellow Cab’s Charlie Chan sham recipe in 10 mins

KUNG PAO CHICKEN PASTA (Good for 4-5 servings) Ingredients: 1 tbsp. olive oil 2 stalks of green onions – closer to the bulb, chopped – green part, cut into 1″ pieces 1 chicken breast or thigh (whichever you prefer), cut into cubes and season with salt & pepper 1 pack Clara Ole Kung Pao Chicken