Yellow Cab Pizza’s MyMix Contest

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Last August 5, 2017, the Kain Tulog Gang or better known as KTG, presented awards for THE CHOICE 2017. It is a people’s choice award powered by OurAwesomePlanet, WOFEX and members of the KTG. We released a link to a survey, posted it on our blogs and let our followers vote for their favorite establishments.

I was one of the presenters for the awards and was absolutely nervous to be on stage. For some reason, I freeze and blank out for the first few minutes and fight through it. But it happens, every single time. I even forgot the name of our weekly column for the Philippine Star. Haha!

For the best pizza, the award was given to Yellow Cab. It’s such an achievement for a homegrown brand and I enjoyed handling the award. It was to my surprise when it was announced that members of the KTG were going to be given shirts that would give us FREE food for 2 at any store owned branch we walked into. To top that off, we will also be able to give away shirts & food to 5 lucky readers by September.

Yellow Cab recently launched a line called MY MIX, wherein you can choose your own box with variety. I don’t know about you but when I walk into yellow cab, I usually can’t just order 1 thing. It’s either pizza and pasta or pizza and wings or hopefully I’m with other people and will be able to order all 3 items. Without hesitation I’d order the pepperoni pizza, hot chix and Charlie chan.

With Yellow Cab’s My Mix, who cares if you’re dining solo when you can have everything you could want? So tell me, that’s your mix? Join the contest to earn your own MY MIX & Yellow Cab shirt. Here’s how:

1. Post a photo on your Instagram page answering this,

“What’s your Yellow Cab mix?”

2. Caption must say:

Feed me my Yellow Cab MyMix @quichethecookph

Tag @yellowcabpizza @thekaintuloggang

#fuelyourhunger #NoStoppingTheHungry #QuicheTheCookPH

3. Deadline: August 30, 2017 – Wednesday.

4. Winners will be contacted on Aug 31, 2017. Prize will be delivered in September.

** Photos grabbed from Yellow Cab Pizza’s social media accounts **

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