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After a day of swimming with the dolphins at Adventure cove in Resorts World in Sentosa, Dot and I went out to dinner and had our friends meet us there. It was nice to meet her friends and I’m sure my friends were happy to have extended their circle of friends as well.

Fish skin chips with pickled vegetables and vinegar

I left the ordering to Dot and her friend Nicholas. First things that arrived were the dried fish skin with pickled vegetables. It was freshly fried, still warm and perfectly crunchy. It went well with the pickled vegetables and vinegar on the side.

Fried chili garlic clams
Sambal kangkong

We also ordered the fried garlic chili clams. Although I’m not too fond of clams, I did have a few pieces to try. For our greens, we ordered sambal kangkong.

San lou bee hoon

The San Lou Bee Hoon was everyone’s favorite. It was actually very simple noodle dish it went so well with the crabs that we had.

Salted egg prawns with corn kernels

The salted egg prawns with corn kernels was amazing. The prawns were plump and fresh and salted egg sauce was not too overwhelming. It was just enough to fully coat the prawns and corn kernels. As much as addicting this dish was, what we really came here for were the white pepper crabs.

White pepper crab

We ordered two white pepper crabs. Both were perfectly cooked, juicy and meaty and coated with white pepper sauce with garlic and spring onions. I ended up having more than my share because it was just so good. We didn’t even order rice to go with it but instead, I ate it with the san lou been hoon.


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