Goh Zha Lang Taiwan Porridge in J.B. Johor Malaysia

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Goh Zha Lang Taiwan Porridge in J.B. Johor Malaysia

I flew to Singapore on a whim to meet my friend from New York, Dorothy or Dot Goh. She was a class after me in culinary school but we ended up being such good friends though we were not classmates. We would go on food and alcoholic adventures. The day I arrived in Singapore, she gathered a few of her friends and drove all of us to J.B. Johor in Malaysia where locals go for good and cheap food. We ended up having dinner at a restaurant known for Taiwanese porridge, which is meant to be eaten with side dishes.

There were 2 kinds of porridge available, plain porridge and sweet potato porridge. I was not very keen on ordering porridge but I said I would try it. We probably ordered 3 times because (1) it was 10pm in the evening and we were all starving, (2) the serving sizes weren’t that huge anyway, (3) everything was just so cheap.

Here’s pretty much everthing we ordered.

The braised pork in soya sauce went very well with the porridge, both the plain and sweet potato porridge.
Goh hiang roll with is a stuffed spring roll, wrapped with beancurd skin
Chai-poh omelette. It was good, we ordered two!
Braised pork with preserved vegetables. It’s definitely an acquired taste but I see how it can pair well with the plain porridge.


Sizzling beancurd with minced pork
Assam fish, Malay sour and spicy fish stew dish. It is popular in Indonesia and Malaysia
Sizzling beef
Taiwan fried rice
Fried kangkong belachan belachan
Beef with rice noodles and vegetables

Although we were a group of 5 and ordered so much, we ended up only paying RM266 approximately Php3,150 pesos. We were all so full after and were all geared up to go home. It was pretty exciting being in 3 different countries in 1 day.

Goh Zha Lang Taiwan Porridge
Address: 125, Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
Tel. No: +60 7-334 4526

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