A Latin Experience at Waterside in Solaire Resort & Casino

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Waterside at Solaire has gone through a major change in terms of food concept. They used to be a Mediterranean restaurant serving some Filipino specialties like sisig and adobo. Now, they are serving Latin cuisine, which adds to the variety of cuisines offered at Solaire. Though most of the guests of Solaire generally gravitate towards the Chinese, Korean or Japanese restaurants or to the food court where there is comfort food like Filipino and American food stalls serving sinigang, grilled items, adobo etc. as well as fried chicken, pizza and pasta.

Fruit diet.

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Latin cuisine still is so vague because of the different countries and cultures within Latin America. A lot of the dishes I’m sure would be familiar. On the menu, expect to see, tamales, tacos, chimichurri and tortillas, which are homemade of course.

Ecuadorian empanadas de viento

The first time mom and I visited, mom knew exactly what she wanted to order. We weren’t that hungry that evening so we just ordered little bites to share. She got the tamales. I warned her that Mexican tamales is different from Filipino tamales but she wanted to try it nonetheless. We also ordered the Ecuadorian empanadas de viento and the jamon Serrano and Manchego croquetas with garlic aioli.

Jamon Serrano and manchego croquetas with garlic aioli

For me, it was a toss up between the fajitas or the tacos but I decided to go for the tacos. There were different variants to choose from. I’ve been back several times and keep ordering the same one, which is the grilled pork belly tacos marinated in chili soy, served with pickled vegetables and calamansi mayo. It’s priced at Php260 for 3 tacos. I would eat 2 out of 3 each time.

Other taco variants are the ancho spiced pulled chicken with cilantro slaw and avocado cream, crispy smoked bangus with chili and calamansi, grilled salmon belly with zesty quinoa and spicy pickled red cabbage, grilled flank steak with confit peppers, blue cheese and toasted almonds, hand-pulled baby back ribs cooked in adobo, tofu and toasted garlic, and chipotle pulled pork with mango salsa and coriander.

Scallop Ceviche
Tuna Ceviche

On our next visit, we ordered a few ceviches to try. We ordered the scallop ceviche (Php320) with tequila, lemon and mint, tuna ceviche (Php220) with calamansi, soya, pickled shimeji mushrooms (YUM!), sesame and cucumber juliennes to top it with. Finally, my favorite from the selection we ordered, kingfish ceviche (Php220) marinated in coconut milk, vinegar, red onions, chili and calamansi. Kingfish is also known locally as tanguingue.

Other ceviches available are prawn ceviche (Php260) with lime, coriander, chili and charred corn, mahi mahi ceviche (Php200) with pomelo vinegar, mango, cherry tomatoes, and home smoked chili, lapu lapu ceviche (Php280) with spicy tamarind vinegar, Korean radish, and green cherry tomatoes.

Paella Valenciana

Next up, we tried the paella, which is available for both, single portion or sharing. We ordered the paella Valenciana which had chicken, mussels and shrimps on it. Also available are paella negra, seafood and vegetarian paellas.

Peruvian-style rotisserie spring chicken

We ordered the Peruvian style rotisserie spring chicken with sides of whole roasted baby potatoes with onion confit and bacon, Aji spiced toasted pumpkin with toasted almonds and leeks, and grilled green asparagus with butter and sea salt. There are still so many sides to choose from like the green papaya salad with mango and red onion or homemade cassava fries with jalapeno and corander yogurt to name a few.

21-day ages US Black Angus Rib-eye

If you order steaks, you get to choose your own rub, either classic, which I’m guessing is just salt and pepper, Cajun, or mixed pepper. A variety of meats are also available from US Black Angus, Australian beef or wagyu. You can also choose which cut you want. For the wagyu, available cuts are oyster blade, hanging tender or flank steak. Australian beef cuts are tenderloin, sirloin, ribeye or tomahawk. And for Angus, tenderloin, sirloin and rib eye are available. Mom and I tried the Cajun rub for our 21-day aged Black Angus beef rib eye with chimichurri, salsa Mexicana and mango chutney to complement our steak.

If you are dining with a group, this would be a good restaurant to dine in as they have mixed grilled platters good for 2-3 persons. Platters for meat lovers, seafood lovers or a mix of both with their surf and turf platter are available. But you may also order ala carte.

There is still so much to try. I can’t wait to go back and discover more.

Waterside Restaurant at Solaire
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