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To improvise, according to the world wide web, is to create and perform spontaneously or without preparation. One has to be quick and have presence of mind. To perform, with aims of entertaining takes a lot more than just that. One has to be creative, knowledgeable, witty, and the list can go on. In other words, the talent and skill of improvising is not for everyone.

I’ve been a fan of Silly People’s Improv Theater or SPIT for some time now. Not just because my cousin, Happy Feraren has been involved with it.  Its because even though I have tried some improv exercises from theater workshops I attended back in the day, nothing has prepared me for what SPIT Manila does. They get the audience involved and invested in the stories they tell and the jokes that they make. During their shows I can’t help but try to think of my own jokes but I fail and black out every time, and I’m not even in front of a crowd yet. I have so much respect for their wit and brilliance, though some times corny jokes are produced, it’s still better than blanking out.

Wanna learn a few tricks of the trade? Sign up for a workshop with the founder of @spitmanila and @thirdworldimprov, @gabemercado Full text: Tell that story! Basic improvisational theater by Gabe Mercado Gabe Mercado is the founder of Manila’s premiere improvisational theater group, SPIT. He is also the Executive Director of the first and only improvisational theater school in The Philippines, Third World Improv. He was trained under Paul Sills and Charna Halpern and has extensive experience as an actor in theater, stage, and film in The Philippines. He is also a full time professional coach, trainer and facilitator. Currently, he is a board member of the Applied Improvisation Network, a global community of applied improvisation practitioners. #manilaimprovfest #petatheater

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Saw our preview? Learn from the best with @tjspokenword ‘s The Improvised Word workshop at #manilaimprovfest!! As a spoken word artist for the last 15 years, TJ Medel has featured, performed and educated around the USA in over 150 schools, colleges and venues. He has been on the 2006 New Jersey Youth Slam Team in HBO’s Youth Speaks Brave New Voices, ranked top 20 in the 2007 New York Knicks Poetry Slam Series, and in 2009 became the Southern Fried Regional Individual Poetry Slam Champion. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theater from the University of Arkansas and also studied improvisation and sketch comedy at The Annoyance, IO, and Second City. Currently, he is a Teaching Artist for American Theater Company, Mudlark Children’s Theater Company, and Second City. #manilaimprovfest #petatheater #feelthefreedom

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SPIT does not only perform, they have also started an improv school in 2015 called Third World Improv. It consists of levels of training and workshops that will equip anyone who wants to explore improv. They will teach you the art and craft of improvisational theater.

SPIT is also the creator of the Manila Improv Festival or MIF. The Manila Improv festival will feature performances by around 150 delegates of international improvisers from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Osaka, Tokyo, Mumbai and Brisbane, and showcase Filipino improvisers from Manila, Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro. There will be an expected guest count of 4,000 peoeple through 38 shows and 5 workshops all happening within the PETA’s performance venues. The festival will take place at the PETA Theater Center on March 22-26.
Tickets are at Php500 per show but there are also festival packages of Php1000 for any three (3) MIF shows of your choice or Php2000 for one (1) MIF workshop and (3) three MIF shows of your choice. Tickets and festival passes are available through PETA Theater Center, or call 09177167357 and 7566244. Follow @ManilaImprovFest on Instagram.

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