Karla’s Birthday Series 2017: Birthday Work-cation at Solaire

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All I wanted for my birthday was to just get away and do things I don’t get to do on normal days. That included spending a whole day by the pool, imagining it was the beach. Mom and I checked into the Solaire Resort & Casino during the eve of my birthday. It’s the 2nd year that I’m spending my birthday at Solaire Resort & Casino. But since we had difficulty getting way from work and everything else, we arrived late afternoon.

As we entered the room, we were so surprised to find a birthday cake, complete with a birthday card. Mom automatically took one of the chocolate coin decorations thining I wouldn’t notice. We decided to have coffee and tea for me while we both ended up getting some work done in the room.

We went down for early dinner at Fresh and I immediately found the cheese and charcuterie station and started with that. I also found out that drinks including wines and sake are included in the Fresh buffet. So might as well have a glass of wine with my cheese.

In buffets, I normally go do a round or two before actually getting food. But I guess I was too hungry and went straight for it. My next plate consisted of the roast prime rib that was staring at me from the moment I walked in.

Mom went immediately for the lobsters. She had them cook it in lemon garlic butter sauce. Soooo good! She had a whole plate to herself before she got more and offered me some.

In buffets, I usually only go for the smoked salmon, the cheese and breads, carving meat, and dessert. Everything else I just do a tasting of, if they interest me. But once I saw that they had kare-kare on the menu, I couldn’t help it. I had to get a piece with rice. It was like the chef read my mind and cooked for me on my birthday.

Mom and I had such a great time eating and talking and eating some more, that we realized we were at the buffet for a whole 3 hours. Hahahaha! That must have been a record for us. We slowly made our way through the desserts and I ended with another cheese plate. Was surprised by the Fresh staff when they gave me another birthday cake. This one we took home as we were both too stuffed.

After dinner, I continued to work in the room and went to bed early. Woke up early the next day for the breakfast today and to jump right into the pool. Good thing there weren’t too many kids. Also the lifeguards make sure that the kids don’t get too rowdy and noisy. They talk to the parents to talk to their children. That’s always a good think if you want some peace and quiet. I spent a very relaxing morning by the pool, answering birthday messages and taking a nap til it was time to check out. It’s always a good time staying at Solaire Resort & Casino, till the next!

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