Karla’s Birthday Series 2017: Chef Jessie

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For every special occasion we celebrate, we always find ourselves at Chef Jessie’s in Rockwell. So it was an absolute must for us to be there on my birthday.

My lolo’s favorite was the seafood bouillabaisse. I always used to have moods for seafood when I was little, now I’ve grown to love it. And so this dish is now one of my favorites as well. A stew of mixed seafood items like salmon, scallops and prawns with tomatoes and marble potatoes. It also comes with crouton or a crostini and rouille. Rouille is made of egg yolks, oil, lemon, cayenne and saffron.

It’s always a toss up whether to order the bouillabaisse or the baked rack of lamb which comes with a side salad with goat cheese and potato au gratin. Since I couldn’t decide, mom got the lamb and I had the bouillabaisse but we ended up sharing.

My new favorite soufflé at Chef Jessies is this choco-coffee crunch soufflé with vanilla sauce. So good! I always used to get plain chocolate soufflé until I recently tried this. I’ve always gotten a regular sized one but only found out that they have a large size for their soufflés. I ordered the large one and considered it my birthday cake! Haha!

For reservations and inquiries:
G/F Rockwell Club beside the Powerplant Mall
890-6543 / 890-7630 / 897-7516 / 729-0155

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