Karla’s Birthday Series 2017: Tito Chef

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Mom and I rarely venture out to the south since our office is in Makati. When we do plan a trip to the south, we make sure it’s a Sunday or a holiday to avoid traffic. We also heavily rely on recommendations from friends about where it’s good to eat.

My ninang Nancy Reyes Lumen and my mom have been talking about a dinner to get together. It finally pushed through a couple of weeks ago, only to find out it was actually an advanced birthday dinner for me.

Chef Menoy Gimenez, gladly welcomed us into his restaurant. I have always seen chef Menoy at events, most recently the Umami Culinary Challenge where we both were judges but it was actually my first time at his restaurant.

For starters, we ordered Fresh Tomato Bruschetta’s with tomato and basil.

Mom ordered the Salmon Tartare. Fresh cut chilled salmon in a Dijon style dressing with topped with caviar and dill, served with crostinis.

I ordered the Spanish Chorizo, which almost never left my side. Haha! Sauteed Spanish chorizo with mushrooms, can’t go wrong with that.

The smoked cod is something I would definitely go back for. The dish is called the Brandade of Bacalao. It is a warm pate of salted cod.

We also had Oysters Chinoise, battered and deep-fried oysters with chili lemon cream, mango salsa and bacon. It was good considered I’m not fond of oysters.

I’m not sure who exactly ordered all the food but I feel like chef Menoy just kept sending out food for us. Hahaha! The list above is all just appetizers. Haha! We also had Bouillabaise, Carbonara, and Ox Tail Blanquette, which is ox tail in a creamy white wine sauce served with risotto.

I ordered the Osso Buco Milanese served with gremolata and risotto.

Chef Menoy sent out the Lengua Bordelaise for us to try. Ox tongue in demiglace based sauce with mashed potato.

We also got to try the Cannelloni Bechamel, a meat and chicken liver sauce stuffed in pasta and baked with creamy béchamel to cover it.

For dessert, we had strawberry shortcake and crème brulee, my favorite. I could finish a whole order of crème brulee to myself but figured it was wise to share. Chef Menoy also gave us some macarons to try.

Chef Menoy mentioned that he has culinary school a floor below the restaurant and kindly obliged to give us a quick tour. I was pleased to see that everything was Karla-sized where mostly everything is reachable. In New York, I had to ask my classmates to help me grab the things up top for me.

As if we weren’t full yet, he then asked the kitchen to sauté some sausages for us in onions and peppers. He mentions that they make the sausages themselves in the charcuterie class.

The school is called PACE or Professional Academy for Culinary Education, which also offers short courses and day classes to those who are interested.


Tel No. +6328425577
Address: President’s Avenue, corner Adelfa Street, Parañaque City, 1700, Philippines
Facebook: @ TitoChefRestaurant


Website: www.pacemanila.com
Facebook: @pace_manila
Instagram: @pace_manila


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