Inauthentic Asian Cuisine at Yuan Bistro

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When asked to describe the concept behind the food, they call it inauthentic Asian cuisine. The chef behind the concept is no other than Chef Kel Zaguirre of Locavore, FAT and Empingao. Don’t expect anything you’d ordinarily see in Asian restaurants at Yuan Bistro.

Make your own sushi! Comes in a DIY Sushi Hand Roll Set together with a polvoron shaper which you can use to shape the rice.


One of my favourites at Yuan Bistro, the Spicy Edamame. Stir-fried Edamame tossed in spicy garlic miso sauce and topped with sesame seeds. It’s very very addicting. The taste lingers in your mouth and would pair so well with something fruity and sweet. It’s a perfect bar snack too!

X.O. Tonkatsu MaLing Fries – Deep-fried breaded Ma Ling with homemade X.O. sauce and Tonkatsu sauce on the side. It also comes with a slaw and a sesame dressing for the salad. Their version of the X.O. sauce is made of dried scallops, oysters and takes 3 days to make.

Tofu & Thousand Year Eggs – Silken tofu in agedashi sauce, century eggs with bonito flakes scallions and togarashi. A mush order for century egg fans!

Another favourite of mine is the Chicken Tikka Nachos using papadum as the nachos. The cover photo shows the normal serving but I wanted to show the layers in this. It comes with pico de gallo, cilantro, chicken tikka masala, chill garlic, cream and mozzarella. I could munch on these all evening.

The Laksa Tantanmen is one of the more popular dishes at Yuan Bistro. The addition of the noodles makes it like a laksa ramen, perfect for cold rainy days.

My favourite entree is the Sambal Salmon, which is a salmon steak with house made sambal and cooked in a salamander. It is then topped with a Thai eggplant salad and wasabi chimichurri on the side.

General Mao’s Red Pork Belly – Braised pork belly with steamed asparagus.

Rib-eye with Wasabi Chimichurri – Black Angus Rib-eye with house made wasabi chimichurri, sides of beets, sweet potatoes and snow peas.

Interesting new dishes at Yuan Bistro and more that I didn’t even get to try yet. Some of them are the Japanese Curry and Cheese BaosClaypot Chicken and Mushroom Risotto and the Buffalo Chicken Feet.

ADDRESS: 1 Brixton St. Kapitolyo Pasig City

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