Beer Yoga with Joe’s Brew

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Last Sunday, I was fortunate enough to have been part of the first ever Beer Yoga class in the Philippines. We have made history, and it tasted good. I first came across beer yoga through one of the articles going viral online. So when Joe’s Brew came us with a contest on Facebook to win a slot for the first ever beer yoga class, I immediately jumped at it. They requested us to send a message through their Facebook page. But I of course went overboard and probably sent them a couple of messages here and there. True enough, I won a slot.

It was a busy Sunday for me, having come from La Petite Fromagerie’s #CheeseLikeSundayMorning brunch in collaboration with Chi Chi Tullao of Happy Tummy Travels, Kay Isabadera, Ros Juan of CommunePH and chef Mickey Garcia. I was up at 6am and was still contemplating if I should go. Then I figured, if I couldn’t do all the yoga poses, I could just take photos as my excuse, or chug the rest of my beer and sit that round out.

It was my first time at Joe’s Brew Poblacion and was not sure if I would know anyone. But as soon as I approached the establishment, I ran into Dexter Tan of NYFD and Spudnik whom I had met before since we both were concessionaires at the SM MOA Arena. I felt much better that point forward knowing that I already knew someone from the group.

We were gathered at the first floor of the brewery while we were greeted by the guys behind Joe’s Brew and the Beer Yoga Master Gino Scarella. Then they brought out a cooler filled with chilled beer and told us to take our pick. I opted for the wheat pale ale called Sierra Madre with a promise to go back to try the others. Once we had chosen our beers, we were on our way.The class was held on the second floor of the brewery, where the actual brewery is. So that was pretty exciting. It was a small space but just right for a small group.

We had a picture taking portion before the actual class. And I of course chose the simplest pose for my photo. Hahahaha!

Dexter Tan who apparently is an Asthanga instructor was bullied into showing us something complicated but he gladly obliged. I was at the back of the room pretending to take photos but secretly hoping I wouldn’t have to do anything like that. Or atleast not just yet. I had to remind everyone that I was a beginner. But none of them seemed to mind.

I unfortunately or maybe it’s a fortunate thing that I don’t have photos during the class. That means I was able to do everything asked of us. When asked what to expect from the class, it’s really just like regular yoga and stretching. Some parts holding a bottle of beer help you be mindful of your alignment and placement. Sipping from the bottle of beer during the class is the big bonus.

After the class, we all gathered for another photo showing off our empty bottles of beer. I was taken aside to be quickly interviewed about the class. I definitely had fun and mentioned I’d totally do it again. When asked if my priority was the yoga or the beer. I had a hard time answering since I did go out of curiosity but they were able to create a good ambiance for yoga too. You would think that it would be a noisy rowdy class with the booze involved but I still do think everyone respected the practice enough to do the poses with everything they’ve got.

Joe’s Brew plans to have this class every other Sunday so follow them on Facebook for their upcoming schedule. You may also call 02-4000700 or email them at for more info. Thank you to Joe’s Brew for choosing me to take on this challenge. I truly enjoyed the experience with a promise to be back. Save a slot for me!

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