Wagyu buffet at Edsa Shangri-La Heat

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Edsa Shangrila Hotel’s HEAT, has cooked up something delicious this 2016. They will be having a Wagyu buffet ALL SATURDAYS of 2016 for only Php 2,415.00 net per person.

When faced with an all meat buffet, I turned out to be so picky. I went around atleast 2x to decide what certain items are different and would actually be worth my attention. I don’t think I could eat that much beef and needed to pace and be picky about it. Once seated, you’ll notice a place mat with a check list of the specialty items but somehow, I naturally gravitated towards the Wagyu shawarma.

mad for wagyu - shawarma

Since I was trying to pace and save space, I got a portion of the shawarma and ate it with papaddum instead of the pita. And it was really really good. Went back for 2 more servings of that after.

mad for wagyu - wagyu sukiyaki cut

The next interesting thing was the cold display of wagyu where you could just pick a piece and have it cooked. They had marinated wagyu, burgers, sukiyaki cut, barbecue and more. The best part is looking at the marbling.

mad for wagyu - steamboat

Most people will go for the roasted items like the steamboat, tomahawk and prime rib. They really are all impressive because of their size but I instead went for the ones that were cooked on the spot specifically for me.

mad for wagyu - coldcuts

There are also cold cuts available, which I would have enjoyed on any normal day but since we were there for the wagyu, I tried to stick with that.

mad for wagyu - cold wagyu

Also available were wagyu cold cuts, appetizers and salads. They even had a wagyu taco station. But since I was picking out the items that interested me the most, decided to forego trying the tacos.

mad for wagyu - wagyu roll

One interesting thing I enjoyed was the wagyu roll with cream cheese, cheese sauce and fishroe.

mad for wagyu - wagyu tartar
The others went crazy over the wagyu tartare, served on crostinis and topped with a quail egg.

mad for wagyu - wagyu jerky

But topping that, and I know everyone will agree with me, the true star of the night was the Wagyu weef jerky. Dried wagyu, caramelized and topped with sesame seeds. It was divine. Others ate it with fried rice or garlic rice. But I happily munched on them alone, like bacon. Ugh. Soooo good. This wasn’t even part of the buffet. They just had someone walking around with it and offering it from table to table.

mad for wagyu - wagyu merch

I think the best part about any buffet dinner is who you eat with. In this case, I was with a bunch of food enthusiasts, bloggers, columnists etc. And you’d get surprised with all the interesting things they come up with. Another thing I love about buffets is their flexibility because of the diverse items available to you. Also available are Wagyu merchandise of t-shirts, aprons and pillows.


HEAT at Shangri-La Hotel
Address: G/F 1 Garden Way, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City Metro Manila
Tel No. (632) 6338888
Website: www.shangri-la.com/manila/edsashangrila
Instagram: @edsashangrila

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