Chinese New Year at King Chef

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Last week, I had the privilege of trying out some exciting dishes from King Chef. They have included these dishes for their set menus for Chinese New Year 2016.

King Chef - wintermelon soup2

The lunch started out with wintermelon soup. This is something very common in Chinese cuisine but mom and I have this often for shabu shabu. It was the first time I saw it presented this way though. The soup arrived in a whole wintermelon, carved into spear tips with the assorted meat sitting on the rim. The waiter then adds the meat into the soup. As he takes a scoop using a ladle, he also scrapes the sides of the wintermelon to include it into the soup. Table side service is always exciting.


King Chef - wintermelon soup
King Chef - fried milk curd

The next dish was a big surprise for me. It looked like the normal fried tofu with mushrooms in what looked like oyster sauce but it was actually fried milk curds. You’ll taste the milky, sweetness as soon as you bite into it. I swear I could have had more.

King Chef - steamed shrimp suahe

Of course we went crazy when the steamed suahe arrived. It’s such a common dish but I suppose it’s one that everyone enjoys and looks forward to. I filled my plate with 4 pcs but got more once everyone got for themselves.

King Chef - lamb ribs

It’s not often to see lamb on a chinese restaurant menu or if ever it’s not the top things that we would order but it sure was good. It came lightly breaded and seasoned, topped with garlic and bell peppers and vinegar dipping sauce on the side. Feel free to use your hands when biting into the ribs.

King Chef - steamed gourd

The steamed gourd with seafood was very good. It looked like it was stuffed with scallops and sotanghon etc. Bottle gourd is also commonly known as upo in Filipino.

King Chef - typhoon sheltered crabs

Then came the typhoon sheltered crabs, which I enjoyed the most. I swear, most of the people on our table had moved on to other dishes but I still kept going back for the crab. And yes, I used my hands to eat it. To think that I never used to eat crab when I was younger, only developed the appetite for it about 6 years ago.

King Chef - lapulapu mango sauce

What came next was something very familiar, the fried lapu-lapu in mango sauce. I seriously would have had more than a bite but then I was too consumed in removing the crab meat from it shell.

King Chef - steamed egg

The steamed seafood with 2 kinds of egg came next. It was similar to the Japanese’s chawanmushi but with mixed seafood and century egg. It was light with tofu like texture. Again, I woofed it down and went back to the crabs. Hahahaha!

King Chef - yangchow

Although I was very happy with the selection provided for us, Spanky insisted on ordering Yang Chow Fried Rice. I figured, even if I didn’t need it I’d still eat it when it came, and true enough, I did.


For dessert, we had fried tikoy, mango almond jelly medley and the chocolate buchi! Yes my friends, chocolate filled glutinous rice balls coated in sesame seeds. Here’s a photo to prove it.


For Chinese New Year, King Chef is offering set menus for only Php3888 for 6 pax and Php 10,888 for 12 pax. The dishes we tried came from different menus but I’m sure you can order them to add on to the set.

King Chef - Chinese New Year1
King Chef - Chinese New Year2
King Chef

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