Monita’s Classic Leche Flan: A Reinvented Classic with a Hint of Lime

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One day, my friend AJ Quiambao asks me if he could send me over leche flan that his dad makes. On the day that it arrived, I was so excited that I took a quick photo just to get it over with, followed by a spoonful to taste the leche flan. One taste and I was instantly a fan. You’ll notice that there is a hint of lime in it, which actually works pretty well to cut the sweetness After lunch, I was so excited to let mom try it. She took a spoonful as I watched her face light up. We both knew that this was one of the best leche flans we’ve tried in a really really long time. It actually reminds me of tocino del cielo but a more milky shade as opposed to a yolk-y one.

Monitas Leche Flan4

I know what you’re thinking. What differentiates Monitas Leche Flan from others? Well, others are a bit airy that you can even see tiny bubbles in them. But Monita’s Leche flan is so thick and creamy that when you get a spoonful, you’ll need to lick the spoon clean from remnants stuck to it. If you cut it with a knife, flan sticks to the knife and you absolutely must not let that go to waste.

Monitas Leche Flan1

The brand name MONITA was formed by combining the first names of Aj’s parents, Mon and Nita. The leche flan was an heirloom recipe by Aj’s paternal grandma, Lola Belen. Tito Mon got the knack for it since he would help out lola Belen in the kitchen whenever she would make leche flan, which is why he still knows the recipe by heart after all these years.

Monitas Leche Flan2

Tito Mon personally makes the leche flan, which is why the taste and quality is assured to be consistent and definitely no short cuts on the process. He only makes them on weekends and only in few batches so you better put in your orders. I was surprised to know that these are only being sold for Php100 each. It’s very affordable and one you can bring to potluck parties or serve as dessert for family gatherings.

Monitas Leche Flan3

Before receiving the leche flan, I actually wanted to show different ways of how you can enjoy leche flan like mixing it in mais con hielo or on vanilla ice cream. But after trying it, I decided it needed to be recognized on it’s own. With something this rich, having it on it’s own is enough. Simple, yet very satisfying. It was so good that mom and I were eating it little by little just so we could savor it for a longer period.

Monitas Leche Flan

Below are more details about ordering Monita’s Classic Leche Flan
LEAD TIME: 1 week
MINIMUM ORDER: None for pick up, 10 orders for delivery (within Ortigas, Mandaluyong or Makati)
PICK UP DETAILS: Unit 805 Once Capitol Condominium 2nd Street Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City
Monday-Friday 7-9pm

Mobile: 09209164056
Facebook: Monita’s Classic Leche Flan
Instagram: @monita_clf

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