Master Ham Carver at Chef Jessie’s Rockwell

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Chef Jessie will be featuring Michael Teves y Lopez, maestro cortador Filipino or the Filipino master carver at her restaurant in Rockwell Club for 2 weeks starting Oct 15-30, 2015. Michael Teves y Lopez has been living in Spain since he was 17. He started as a pizza delivery boy and worked as a waiter until finally became a waiter at the restaurant Cinco Jotas.

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Cinco Jotas, founded in 1879 is the number one brand for Iberico hams. Their pigs are 100% pata negra breeds and are given 2 hectares of greens where they can run around. They live and are made at very high altitude and are fed herbs, roots and acorn.

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The jamons to be served at Chef Jessie’s are hams personally selected by Michael from Cinco Jotas. It even has a tag with a barcode indicating that it is from his private collection. I asked him how he chooses which are the best of the best hams and he said, first check that the hoof is stubby. This indicates that the pig has been running a lot. It should have a long elegant shape and a yellowish golden color. The shank should be thin and straight or caña fina y uniforme to indicate that it is indeed a 100% pure breed pata negra. Also there is a rare smell that they look for when choosing the best hams and you need an instrument to poke the leg in 3 specific areas to tell the quality of the ham.

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When carving the ham, one must make sure that they are carved thinly enough so the meat is transparent. Each carver has his own techniques on how to carve a jamon. So it would be best to learn from the master himself.

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Carvers have their own set of knives each with different uses. Michael is the endorser of Arcos which is a Spanish brand of knives within the league of Japanese and German knives.


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One knife is used for taking out the rind, the one that looks like a chef’s knife. The rind is dry and hard so a big knife would be able to move freely into it. There is a knife specifically for deboning to separate the bone from the meat. And lastly the ham knife, which is long and flexible in order to get think slices of ham. Michael carries around 2 ham knives just in case and of course a sharpening rod to make sure everything is in tiptop shape.


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Chef Jessie is offering special Spanish menu items to be served within the two-week period that Michael Lopez will be carving in town.

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Jamon 100% Iberico de Bellota Cinto Jotas

Tapa (12 grams) – Php 650

Half Portion (35 grams) – Php 1,900

Full Portion (70 grams) – Php 3,800


Croquetas de Jamon 5J – Php 500

Setas a la plancha con taquitos de jamon 5J – Php 500

Tortilla Española con pimientos rojos y jamon 5J – Php 500

Gambas al ajilo – Php 700



Solomillo de buey de la plancha Php – Php 2,000

Cochinillo asado al horno – Php 1,250

Bacalao frito con gambas y olivas negras – Php 1,500

Callos a la Madrillena – Php 1,500

Parpadelle de crema jamon 5J y trufa – Php 1,500

Paella Negra con chipirones y salsa ali oli – Php 1,250



Crema Catalana – Php 300

El Tocino del Cielo -Php 300

Arroz con Leche – Php 300

Churros con Chocolate Caliente – Php 300

Tarta de Santiago – Php 300


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For reservations and inquiries:


G/F Rockwell Club beside the Powerplant Mall

890-6543 / 890-7630 / 897-7516 / 729-0155.

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