La Soiree in Manila at the Solaire Theater

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Last night was the opening night of La Soiree. I’m a Cirque du Soleil fan so mom decided to get us tickets. But reading the online reviews, we really didn’t know what to expect. As soon as we walked into the Theater lobby we saw tito Audie Gemora.

La Soiree-Solaire_Karla Reyes Audie Gemora

Mom and I walked in and took our seats, we noticed that there were seats on stage. Since mom purchased the tickets, I wasn’t aware that there were going to be available seats on stage but I was so envious of the people up there. Lo and behold, tito Audie walks up the aisle and asks me if we want to sit up on stage. Umm… YES! BOOM! UPGRADED! He personally ushered us to our seats on stage.

La Soiree-Solaire1

As the show was starting, I took our my camera to take a shot of the audience but it was a failed attempt since the lights were too bright and everything turned out to be red anyway. Instead I took a photo of the first person that came out on stage. Only to announce that cameras are not allowed. Haha! Whoops. *keeps phone in bag*

La Soiree-Solaire2

What to expect from the show? It’s pretty much like an adult circus. Yes you have the tricks but you also have a little bit of burlesque and striptease but put together very tastefully. Given the nature of the show, children below 14 years old aren’t allowed. The show was definitely fun, funny and entertaining. Don’t be afraid to hoot whenever you want to, they like that kind of thing. I was telling mom that although I have seen some acts in other shows before, the way that they put the show together was quite different and the character, charisma of each talent in the show was very crucial to the whole show. Half of the time, I was at the edge of my seat and half of the time I was wondering what is going on and did not know what to expect next.

La Soiree-Solaire3


Being seated on stage you can see every point and flex and wiggle of the toes, small details such as including how they got to a certain position mid-air. I was in awe as the performance went on since it looked like it was effortless for them. Not all tricks are perfect and just like in theater, every show is different as something can always go wrong but these performers are true performers and maintained their composure and despite the failed trick. They would try again or probably make a joke about it, which even gained them more applause. Haha!


La Soiree-Solaire5

La Soiree will have 5 shows left so try to catch it this long weekend. For tickets, call 891.9999, log on to or drop by any of their ticket outlets.



September 25 (8pm) Fri

September 26 (5pm & 8pm) Sat

September 27 (5pm & 8pm) Sun

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