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It’s that time of the year just when I start to get busy again that I start to dream about travelling and my travels for the next year. You see, since we’re in the food business, we start to get busy around September but for some reason August was a busy busy month for me. My last trip for the year was in August and it was a Cebu and Bohol combo week. Although I got a pretty nice tan and am 5lbs heavier, being back home and back to work makes me miss the sun, sea and sand still. Then come all these airline promos from Citi’s 25th anniv promo with PAL, PAL’s 60% off promo, Citi and Cathay Pacific’s buy one ticket and get the 2nd for only $50usd. How can you not start to dream about your next big adventure?



A friend of mine gave me this framed map of the world mounted on a corkboard. It’s called a Pin My Travels Map by Dreamday Republic. I decided to open it and put pins on all the places I’ve been to, to help me decide where I want to go next. It is labeled per country so you can just pin away. But after putting on the pins on most of the places I’ve been to, I’ve realized there still are so many countries I haven’t been to.


My biggest problem though is that I don’t have anywhere to hang it. It’s currently standing on my table top but there are oh so many things you can do with it like pinning photos as well. I’m not the scrapbooking type, but this, I think I can manage this. I guess my first step would be to have a few photos printed out.


Apparently, they have two map designs. The one I have is called classic and the other more colorful design is called playful. Although the more colorful one is eye-catching and would go well with my white walls, I think the classic is a safe design to give as a gift to someone.


At the back of the map, was a surprise checklist for all travellers and daydreamers, which I’m definitely taking on my next trip hoping to check some if not all of the boxes.


So let’s see where these travel promos and this map of the world will take me next year. In the meantime, I can’t wait for my next trip and pin my travels.



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