49B Heirloom Kitchen opens in QC

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49b heirloom kitchen

A cozy two-floor restaurant found at 49-B Sct. Tobias cor Sct. Funtabella in Quezon City. Officially opened last May 15, 2015. They classify their food as Filipino, Italian, Spanish, TexMex and French but after having interviewed them, I believe that they serve their family favorites and hand me down recipes which makes it all the more special. Chef Erica Aquino, graduate of DLS-CSB and worked at the Hyatt in Texas, thus being exposed to and getting the TexMex inspiration for her food.

49b heirloom kitchen - squash blossoms

For appetizers, we ordered the beer-battered squash blossom fritters stuffed with herb cheddar cheese served with marinara sauce on the side. Php210.00 per order


Tamarind Roast Chicken is a half chicken marinated with tamarind, served with tamarind gravy and roasted vegetables on the side. The chicken skin has a slight hint of tangy tamarind but most of the flavor comes from the gravy. So make sure you add that gravy. It takes 20-25mins to cook so pre-order before hand or order more appetizers if you’re hungry.

49b heirloom kitchen - tapa rice

We ordered Papa’s Tapa Fried Rice and it was the first order that came. Marinated beef sirloin on top garlic fried rice with scrambled egg and homemade picked papaya on the side. Although I generally like my tapa with a bit more sauce and juice, but this wasn’t bad at all. In fact, even after having tried it, I kept going back to it even after new dishes had already come out.Php210.00


49b heirloom kitchen - bangus taco


We ordered the grilled bangus taco because it sounded interesting. It was served with a cucumber and carrot slaw drizzled with mango jalapeno vinaigrette and pico de gallo. I found the fish a bit too big in proportion for the taco perhaps because I would have preferred it to be shredded which would have been messier to eat but much easier to bite into. I suggested this to chef Erica in case she was willing to consider it. Shredding the bangus would also help infuse more flavor into the dish as opposed to the serving the whole fillet.

49b heirloom kitchen - choco chip cookies

For dessert, we had Mary Ann’s Chocolate Chip Cookies, which is freshly baked upon order. Knowing that comes to you straight from the oven and warm, I totally suggest that you add on a scoop of ice cream or cold milk to eat it with.

49b heirloom kitchen - ginger banana brule

The hot ginger banana brulee is basically a banana cut in half topped off the ginger sugar and torched. It is served with a scoop or ice cream, which compliments the warm ginger banana. This dish was discovered while tita Jovy and Erica were kayaking in Boracay. They discovered this beach shack serving hot ginger bananas. As curious as they were and left with the feeling that they deserved a break from kayaking, they stopped at this shack to have a snack. Only to realize that neither of them had money. So poor Erica had to kayak back to the resort and back to the shack to pay for the bill and pick up her mom. The worst part is that since the sun had already set, it was already getting dark and once they had gotten back on shore, they realized that it was low tide and that they could have actually walked back. Hahaha!

49b heirloom kitchen - granita

This off the menu mixed fruit granita was so refreshing.



I would want to try the Chili Lime Wings, which are deep fried chicken wings tossed in spicy chili lime sauce served with vegetables sticks and bleu cheese dressing.

49b heirloom kitchen - lechon sinigang

Tita Jovy tells us how they would have an oversupply of lechon weekly and had experimented with several ways to serve it. One of their family favorites is serving it in sinigang with string beans, gabi, radish and eggplant.

49b heirloom kitchen - porkchop

Although we didn’t order the grilled herb pork chop, it looked really really good. Saw it coming out of the window so I asked the waiter if I could take a photo. Served with flavored rice and buttered vegetables for only Php285.00

Other best sellers are the carne asada nacho fries, gambas, baked cobbler, paellas, lengua, fillet mignon, and the wild mushroom cream pasta.


The Aquino family: Clarisse, Jeff, Erica, Joni and tita Jovy

After meeting the family, I was able to appreciate their food much more. Practically every item on their menu has an amusing side story to it. If there’s one thing I admire, it’s family members who can work together and enjoy doing so. Mother-daughter team Jovy and Erica, talk about their work relationship. They say that in the kitchen, daughter Erica is the boss because her mom, tita Jovy ends up panicking. Together, they keep each other focused and on point. Tita Jovy helps out in the kitchen when needed but also attends to front of the house.


They talked about how since they’re a big family, they always had friends over in their house and it was like there was a party there all the time. Tita Jovy had to prepare food for her kids and all their friends. Now that the restaurant has opened, they treat it like their second home where friends and extended family members come over to have their favorites.

49b heirloom kitchen - atchara

Don’t forget to grab some homemade items on your way home. They sell bottles of atchara for Php180 and php250, roasted garlic in olive oil for php350 per bottle and ginger sugar for Php50 per container, which you can put on your desserts or even with tea.


Tel No: +632 239-1637
Facebook: 49bheirloomk
Instagram: @49bheirloomkitchen


Tuesdays – Saturdays 11:00AM – 11:00PM

Sundays 11:00PM – 10:00PM

Mondays – CLOSED


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