Lemons & Kale delivery in Metro Manila

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I know of a lot of people who have gone on the kale frenzy and the lemon and water hype but never really went for it. I recently discovered a company that supplies lemon and kale for less than supermarket prices and delivers to your doorstep too! So I checked their instagram account and found some interesting facts. As I continued to do my research, I found more benefits for both kale and lemon.

Why eat Kale? Here are some health benefits and preparation ideas for you to ponder on

1. It helps fight cancer! – It lowers the risk of lung, esophagus, mouth and pharynx cancer.

2. It’s good for your eyesight.

3. There are different ways to prepare it. – It can be steamed, simmered, blanched, braised, sauteed, and baked. Cooking kale takes 8-15minutes depending on the method used.

4. Serve kale with vitamin C rich food like orange or LEMON to increase the absorption of iron.

As for the lemons, they say that…

1. It’s a known home remedy for constipation. – They say that lemon in hot water can treat constipation.

2. Prevents arthritis.

3. Helps fight cancer! – Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds

4. Lemons at room temp will last a week or two. If you put them in a ziplock and keep them in the fridge it can extend it’s self life to six weeks.

The price is actually pretty since it’s pretty much the price we get it wholesale for our catering company. They’ve also posted a comparison from supermarket prices. Makes me think that I should’ve put up a lemonade stand in the middle of the Manila heatwave last week.

Lemon & Kale delivery
Mobile: +639178926473 / +639993717156
Telephone: (02) 5005353
Instagram: @lemonsandgreens

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