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Lounging by the @solaireresort poolside for my birthday. #KakasBdaySeries2015

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Birthday’s don’t come every day. So when they do come around, we celebrate it for atleast a week or two. In my case, I celebrated for practically a whole month. Instead of having a big party this year, I had several small gatherings instead with different groups of friends. Aside from this, mom and I always have our special time where in we go make rounds of our favorite restaurants. This year, I decided to spend my birthday at Solaire Resort & Casino because I said all I wanted to do was swim.

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I spent my birthday dinner At Finestra, we weren’t sure what to order and just wanted a little bit of everything. So, the executive chef, Salvatore de Vincentis approached our table and gave us suggestions on what he could prepare for us. He gave us a salumeria platter with cold cuts such as salami and prosciutto di parma, cheeses like taleggio, asiago, pecorino, burrata and bocconcini and grilled vegetables zucchini, eggplant and asparagus. Also on the platter were white anchovies, which mom absolutely loved, sundried tomatoes and black olives.

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For our first course, chef Salvatore prepared a duo of porcini risotto and tartufati paccheri pasta both with a generous serving of shaved black truffle on top.

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Paccheri is somewhat like rigatoni but is a bigger tube and can be ribbed or just plain smooth. The first time I encountered this pasta was in Eataly in New York. I wanted to buy a pack but figured it would get crushed in my luggage. For our second course, we shared an order of osso bucco with Milanese risotto and it was a wipe out.

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We were also prepared a dessert platter with a Nutella cake, tiramisu and strawberry cheesecake plus another bonus tiramisu, which they served as they sang happy birthday for me led by chef Salvatore.

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Since all I wanted for my birthday was to go swimming and eat and boy did I get it. I was by the pool most of the day during my birthday. I was glad that it was a weekday and there were not that many kids at the pool. It was a quiet day spent reading a book on my phone and answering birthday greetings through text and Facebook at the same time. I was surprised with a bouquet of pink roses by my friend Inna Buenviaje, who works for Solaire Resort.

She brought them to me by the poolside during her lunch break and spent a good 5 minutes for kwento time before she headed back to work since she had lots to do.

Lunch was at the Waterside by the pool. It was a new discovery for us since we don’t normally go to that side of Solaire. We decided to try it out. It’s a Mediterranean restaurant with some Filipino comfort food like sisig and adobo. We were amused by the prices, it didn’t seem expensive as compared to the other restaurants at Solaire and so we ended up ordering much more than we could finish. We ordered the crack back chicken, charred bacon with sweet & sticky balsamic.We had side dishes of humita, sweet corn baked in husk and asparagus with lemon and goat’s milk.

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We tried the spanakopita or baked feta cheese with spinach and watercress pie.

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Mom had the yoghurt chicken gyros Tzatziki with white cabbage slaw and cucumber salad, which was deliciously healthy that I wanted seconds!

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