Designer Cookies in 10 minutes with Cookie Tubs PH

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Every so often, I give into these food fads that come along. Years ago it was the rise of the cupcake, then macarons, then salted caramel, matcha and now, back to basics, the classic COOKIE.


In the US, they have several brands of pre-made, pre-cut cookie dough ready to bake but I’ve always wondered how come no one has ever brought it to Manila. Well now, someone indeed has. Introducing… COOKIE TUBS PH! The FIRST & ONLY frozen cookie dough available in Manila for only Php350 per tub..


A genius idea by Patricia Sawit, CookieTubsPH allows you to do away with all the messy mixing and post-bake cleaning when all you need to do is scoop and bake. No oven? Don’t let that stop you, there are instructions on how you can bake cookies with an oven toaster. I find that the Cookie Tub mix is my kind of cookie. When baked for 9 mins, it gives this crunchy effect to the cookie sides and a chewy gooey center. Ugh! MY KIND OF COOKIE! Of course you can over bake it and give you a crunchy cookie altogether but I find this kind my favorite. After purchasing a tub, I decided to buy 3 more tubs. Stop me! I. AM. ADDICTED.


For mommies out there, this is something your kids can totally do at home with you, as long as you supervise them with the oven. But for sure you can let them scoop them out.


I decided to mix things up a bit when I had some cousins over for Easter Sunday lunch. Here are some ideas for you to do at home:



I thought of making designer cookies using the Cookie Tub dough as the base. I quartered some oreos, cut pieces from my mom’s favorite chocolate bar from Singapore (Shhh…) and took our a jar of peanut butter. G-E-N-I-U-S! Ugh! Soooooo good.


I bought almonds but didn’t have the heart to add them in because they were just sooooo good on it’s own. But totally add in nuts and fruits if that’s your thing. I somehow wish I had marshmallows. Would’ve wanted to watch it melt in the oven into the cookie. I also wanted to top it with pretzels but I would have had to buy a whole bag of it. I know I would find myself snacking on them unnecessarily. Save the calories! Right…



Nothing better than ice cream in between 2 chewy choco chip cookies. Flavors I would recommend?

FIC’s Green Tea

Carmen’s Best’s Salted Caramel

Or a plane jane vanilla or chocolate ice cream brand of your choice.

For those who will feel guilty about it, then I suggest you grab some BTIC or any frozen yogurt brand to lessen your calorie intake.



My cousin Benjo is fond of eating cookie dough. Caught him scraping the leftovers from the tub and the scooper. I was scolded him because I was positive there was egg in it and since the dough still isn’t cooked, I was worried he would get salmonella or something. Read an article about this woman who has been eating raw batter since forever and she’s still fine. In this link, author explains why it is unlikely to get Salmonella from eating cookie dough or any raw batter. So I guess for those who can’t resist, I’d say, “EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.”



All you need is an iron skillet, a pie mold or something close to that. Put it in the oven and BOOM! You’ve got a pizzookie! Top off that warm cookie with ice cream. AAAAHHHH!!! Now I’m salivating…. Again.



Brownie cookie hybrids! Okay this is the best idea I’ve had all day. I would get a box of Ghirardelli Brownie Mix and bake it together with the cookie dough. Aaaaannd maybe I should stop now.




Php 350 per tub

Good for 20-24 cookies (tbsp. size)


For orders, contact 09175325286

FB: Cookie Tubs PH

IG: cookietubs_ph




I obviously haven’t tried making the last two options at home but what about you? What are your cookie fantasies?

Send in your ideas by commenting on this blog for a chance to win your own cookie tub!

Five tubs up for grabs for the yummiest entries!

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