Tips for First-Time Divers

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Diving is something I’ve always wanted to do even when I was a kid. Since I was prone to getting leg cramps, my mom never allowed me to try it out. Finally I decided it was time to try it out. It was scary in the beginning so I thought of posting some tips that will hopefully get your ready for your first dive and let you know what to expect.


The first important thing is to find a dive buddy. I was lucky to have found mine. All I did was post a status message on Facebook asking who wanted to learn how to dive with me and my friend, Jenny, left a comment in agreement. And so, our adventure begins.



Picking the perfect dive buddy is important because you have to be able to trust that person. In my case, she’s one of the reasons why I got over my dive weekend. When I was majorly freaking out and almost quit, she was one of the people who talked me through and encouraged me to finish the tasks.


Finding the right dive instructor is important to your diving experience as a whole. I was very lucky that my dive instructor and dive masters who looked out for me over the weekend were very very patient. My dive instructor Jordan Ang Dy Pay is also the owner of the resort that we stayed at called ScubaBro in Anilao Batangas.

Sundown chill time.

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Don’t be embarrassed to tell your instructor your fears or limitations and medical conditions. He needs to know when to break down the tasks into baby steps. It’s totally fine. Listen and follow your instructors directions and you’ll be fine. DCIM999GOPRO  

Photo by dive master, Vince Hernandez.



Website: Facebook Page: ScubaBroIncDiveResort Email: Tel No. +639274391234 | +639175223494 | 09158905722


We all know that the scuba mask covers the nose and so underwater, we are supposed to breathe through our mouths using the regulator. Some times, people unconsciously breathe through the nose and inhale sea water, well… I did. Haha! This happened when were practicing our skills. I inhaled some water and choked on it. As I was trying to recover I realized I was panicking and couldn’t breathe. I was getting light-headed and it made me nervous. So I gave the signal to my dive instructor and he brought me up to shore. I was seriously thinking about quitting and going home and that perhaps diving is not for me. My dive instructor and buddy convinced me otherwise and so I decided to give it one last try. Right before descending into the water, I told my dive instructor that I was worried of not being able to breathe underwater because I had a hard time breathing earlier. Apparently the air was too thin and so he adjusted it and VOILA! I was all set. Now it seems stupid that I wanted to quit a few hours into the program. Haha! So if you feel like you want to back out, trust me, you’re not the first one. But I suggest that you pursue it cause it is pretty amusing after all the skills have been taught and the drills  have been practiced. DCIM999GOPRO

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My worst enemy the whole weekend was myself. I can’t tell you NOT to panic because I know I did. So I guess the best advice I could give is to learn to calm yourself down. Don’t get overwhelmed with all the tasks at hand. Take it one step at a time. My dive instructor said that when I was out of the water, I was always nervous before and after a dive but in the water, I was calm. I guess you have to calm yourself since you can’t rely on anyone else to do that for you. The most you can do is trust that your dive instructor, dive master and dive buddy have your back no matter what. Relying on hand signals alone is pretty scary at first but it is possible. It just needs some getting used to.

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Photo by dive master, Vince Hernandez.



I figured that since I was wearing a wetsuit and a mask, I wouldn’t need sunblock. Boy was I wrong! My face is burnt…and peeling! Haha! Even with the mask on, you still get sunburned. Haha! How silly of me not to realize that. I only started putting sunblock on the 3rd day but by the first day I was already burnt.




Requirements for the diving course are 2 shore dives meaning you swim from the shore and 2 boat dives where you will be brought to the dive site by boat. My biggest challenge for the boat dive was actually getting off the boat. I had to back roll off the boat and although I’m not a stranger to back rolls and back flips somehow, this seemed different. Perhaps it’s the idea of not being able to see where I will land. Of course this didn’t help me at all. As my dive masters Don Don and Vince tried to keep me as calm as possible and assisted me in getting off the boat, I figured, that there are some instances in life when you just need to take a leap of faith or rather, take the plunge. DCIM999GOPRO

Photo by dive master, Vince Hernandez.



During the surface interval time between dives, you’re usually drenched and cold. Therefore it would be good to always bring something to help you dry up and keep you warm. I brought my AquaZorb towel which was actually pretty convenient. Jenny brought her kimono which she purchased from Tabithas Shoppe. Prices start at Php550 for those who are interested. AnilaoBatangasDive_Tabithas


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There is a tendency for your throat and mouth to dry up while diving. It’s always best to hydrate! Bring bottled water with you especially on the boat. In ScubaBro, water was provided for us even when we were out for out boat dive.



Still not over my dive weekend. Wish I had an underwater camera. Ugh! The fish is bigger than my face! Love it!

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Chips and waterproof speakers would be fun on the boat while waiting for our next dive. My NFFs settled on chicharon and chismis, which was even better. But a deck of cards wouldn’t hurt especially in the evenings. They played 1-2-3 pass with Php 5 bets. I have no idea who won but I enjoyed the bickering. I wish I would’ve brought my Monopoly Deal or Monopoly Millionaire cards. But with a fun bunch with us, we had a whole lot of things to talk about from diets to fitness platforms, farming pigs and of course their diving experiences.

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