Coco Ichibanya opens in Manila

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Coco Ichibanya, the world’s biggest curry chain with over 1400 stores across 10 countries opens in it’s first restaurant in Manila today, March 1, 2015. Coco Ichibanya is located at the lower ground floor of the Estancia Mall in Capitol Commons. Hubert Young of UCC Philippines, tells us how he’s been studying this concept for the past two years already and sees as the upcoming trend in the Manila food scene. He also talks about how they are already planning of opening 6 more outlets within the year including one in Rockwell area, at the Fort and in Greenhills.

CocoIchibanya-shrimp cutlet


I ordered a shrimp cutlet curry with additional raw tomatoes. Coco Ichibanya offers options for your curry dish to customize to your liking. You may opt for less rice (200g, less Php20 from menu price) or increase from the standard 300grams to 400g (add Php40), 500g (Php80), or 600g (Php120). You may even choose the level of spiciness from mild, medium hot (level 1), hot (level 2), extra hot (level 3), super hot (level 4), crazy hot (level 5). I picked the level 3: extra hot curry but at the end of the meal I realized I could have even brought it a notch higher. In case that happens, there is chili powder as a condiment on your table and you may just add that on to your dish to your taste.

CocoIchibanya-lemon tea


To balance the heat I was expecting, I ordered an iced lemon tea for my drink. It was refreshing and not sweet at all which I liked. They served the syrup separately so the level of sweetness may be controlled as well.

Some interesting items on the menu were the cheese hamburger, which is basically a hamburger stuffed with cheese and if you like cheesy things, you may want to add on additional cheese on to your curry sauce. That actually sounds like a pretty good idea for my next trip down there. Below are also some photos of dishes that I would want to try.

CocoIchibanya-pork kimchi copy


Grilled Pork Kimchi Curry :  It sounds like a sour and spicy dish to me. I somehow can imagine what it takes like. Honestly, I would have ordered this out of curiosity but then I was on my Friday sacrifice of eating seafood for the lenten season.

CocoIchibanya-shrimp gratin copy

Shrimp Curry Rice Gratin : It is basically Japanese rice with curry sauce topped with shrimps and cheese and put into an oven or perhaps a salamander to melt the cheese on top.

CocoIchibanya-beef omurice copy

Hashed Beef Curry Omurice: Strips of beef with curry and rice topped with egg. Ummm…. yum!

And if these aren’t enough for you, you may even add on toppings to your dish like corn, tomato, egg, and tuna for Php50 each or vegetables, kimchi, cheese, natt0 (fermented soy bean), spinach, eggplant, and mushrooms for Php80 each. You may also opt to order more proteins to add to your dish. I hear the sausages are really good but I’m leaving that for my next visit as well.

There is something at Coco Ichibanyan for everyone since they have curries with vegetables for vegetarians, options for proteins and how they are cooked in case you are avoiding fried food, and even childrens meals for kids below 12 years old. The childrens meals are only php180, which is inclusive of rice, potato, chicken, sausage, curry with cheese and a choice of either apple or orange juice.

CocoIchibanya-coffee jelly

For dessert, I ordered something off menu which is coffee jelly with vanilla ice cream. As expected, of course the coffee is from UCC. Haha! It’s off menu but it’s readily available, so go ahead and order this one. It’s not too sweet since the coffy jelly doesn’t have any sugar added into it. All the sweetness and milky-ness comes from the scoop of vanilla ice cream.

CocoIchibanya Philippines


Lower Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Pasig City

Telephone: +632 696 1649

Facebook: CoCoIchibanyaPH

Instragram: cocoichibanyaPH

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