Into the Woods live at the Kasalikasan Garden in Fort BGC

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Staging Into The Woods in an outdoor theater, genius! From where I was sitting, I felt I had the best view of the stage. We sat at the elevated portion K13 and 14, while other friends sat a row behind us at L17-18-19.I could see the moon right above the trees, it would’ve been awesome if it were a full moon. The air was cold even without a breeze which heightened the woodsy experience.


When watching shows, I enjoy being surprised by the cast. Some people try to find out who is casted prior to the show but I like watching the show and being blown away by someones performance that I would actually go grab a souvenir program. My personal favorite was the witch.


Photos by: Stanley Ong Photography

Let’s talk about the material. Stephen Sondheim’s music and lyrics. WOW! Listening to the score, it may sound like the melody is all the same and all the songs sound the same, which was my mothers comment after watching the movie. But trust me, they are difficult to sing, and to harmonize to especially for me I’m really bad at harmonizing. Haha! The most challenging part for me though is when the score is on a loop and you never really know when to enter for your line. And because it all sounds the same, memorizing the lyrics is quite difficult as well. But listening to the lyrics, there is so much imagery and even comedic beats in it that once a performer nails it, it comes out to be amazing. And my goodness, with this cast and this material plus the direction of Joel Trinidad, how can you go wrong.


Photos by: Stanley Ong Photography

Another reason to catch it is the surprise guest. In each show, Upstart Productions will bring in a surprise celebrity guest for a role. Wait and see who will be in your show.



1. Where is KASALIKASAN GARDEN? – It’s on the 26th st and 3rd Ave. If you go straight on 3rd Ave, it will take you to this rotonda where you will see a small opening to the garden. Google maps and Waze works too.

2. Bring a shawl, sweater or jacket. Even my toes were cold and I was wearing closed shoes.

3. Parking – There’s a nearby parking area on 4th avenue. And guess what? FREE PARKING! We were there from 530pm-10:30pm.

4. Bring a snack. The show is around 3 hours long. So it’ll end around 9-ish. There’s a McDonalds nearby so we snacked on fries and M&Ms. Haha!

5. Seats – We were seated at the elevated portion. Only Php1000 per head yet I felt like it gave a better view of the stage and everything else happening. Aisle seats of row J, K and L  should be fine.

6. Take notice of the pianist. – Not only were the cast members very entertaining but the pianist as well. There was one part that he was swaying and dancing in his seat and it was very amusing.

7. Make dinner reservations. Since we were there early, I walked by to the nearest restaurant which was Las Flores. I didn’t stop there. I pre-ordered a paella. Hahaha! We ordered the mix one with meat and seafood. Loved the scallops and prawns. Since I don’t eat as much octopus, clams and mussels, those all went to my friends. Call (02) 552-2815 for your reservations and pre-orders.

8. For Into The Woods tickets, you may get them via TicketWorld (02) 891-9999 or e-mail Upstart Productions at


Photos by: Stanley Ong Photography

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  1. along 4th street lang parking? any nearby landmark?